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ps2 and usb ports are not working

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#1 argel


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Posted 24 March 2012 - 08:27 PM

hello, my ps2 port,usb port,lan port and every other port at the back of my system unit are not working,and i cant use my computer because it always ask to press f1 before starting up,and now that my keyboard is not working,i cant proceed because i cant press f1,ahhm the usb port on the front are working so i tried using usb keyboard,but its still not working, ive also tried using usb to ps2 adapter,but still its not working,the mouse seems to be working because it is lighting up,so i cant figure out what problem it has. thanks for your help :)


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#2 Doug


    Retired Administrator -Tech Team

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Posted 25 March 2012 - 02:02 AM

At the point where your screen warns to "Press F2 to enter Setup .... Press F1 to continue", the machine is operating from the Basic Imput Output System (BIOS) and no device Drivers nor components of Windows have yet become active.

It is "possible" that the CMOS battery (shiny flat round object about the size of a US nickel) has died, thereby BIOS has lost the initial default settings.

It is also "possible" that your machine is suffering an immediate over-heating problem at the CPU or less likely at the onboard graphic or graphic card location.

Less likely, but still "possible' is that one or more of your RAM sticks is failing.

Since all of the above do involve the Motherboard, it is "possible' that the Motherboard is failing

And "possibly" since all of the above require power, it is possible that your PSU is faulty (though the PSU is more likely to totally work or not work).

Certainly there are other "possible" causes, but they become "less likely" because faulty or corrupt drivers have not yet loaded and faulty or corrupted Windows files (for instance from malware) have not yet come into play.

Other than what ports seem to be failing, you haven't told us much about your machine.

What brand/model?
What CPU and how much RAM?
Is there a discrete graphics card or are you using onboard graphics solution
How old is the machine?
What has it been used for? (browsing, email, office functions, movie viewing, gaming)
Has the machine ever been over-clocked?

Were there other tell-tail symptoms appearing progressively before the present failures occurred?

Can you hear the Fans spinning?
Can you hear the Hard Drive start up and does the HD active light come on or blink when booting?

During Boot, does the screen display enumerating the RAM, identifying the HD and optical drive, keyboard, and mouse?
(might not display anything if the BIOS is set to bypass those reporting features)

Can you get into the Computer Setup (BIOS CMOS setting options)?

How long has it been since you blew out the dust-bunnies from inside of the case?
What physical inspection of the case interior have you conducted to assure connectors are firmly seated?

What "changes" might you have made recently?
-- New RAM?, New PCI card? New Graphics card? New anything else?

What recent events have happened?
-- Power surge? Brown-out? Unexpected total shutdown. Lightning in the neighborhood?, Problems with the household wiring? Drop or movement of the computer case?
-- New appliances on the same circuit? Old appliances (particularly refrigerator) on the same circuit?

How technically skilled, familiar and comfortable are you with opening up the case to visually inspect the interior?
Are you familiar with electrical and static electricity safety precautions?
(If not, we may be done here, and you may benefit from taking the machine to a local tech shop)

If I'm mistaken about the above, and your machine is actually loading drivers and attempting to load Windows, but failing at that point, you can run a simple test by using a CD based Linux operating system such as Linux Puppy which operates completely from Optical Drive plus RAM (thereby bypassing the Hard Drive and any related problems with Windows and drivers)

If you do attempt to boot with Linux Puppy and it is successful, then one or more of your normal drivers is corrupt or one or more Windows system files is corrupt.

Have a look here, with a second known-good machine: http://puppylinux.or.....g Started.htm

In order to boot Linux Puppy from CD, you will have to adjust the Boot Order to first load from Optical Drive.

If you are able to boot from Optical Drive, then it would also be possible to run a RAM Memory Diagnostic with either MemTest86 or Microsoft Memory Diagnostic.

I realize that the above is "a bunch" of considerations.
But you've given us very little to work with so far, therefore I'm covering a lot of bases.

Please respond back to the questions you are able, and ask questions where necessary.

Do not open the computer case, nor touch or make changes inside of the case unless you have at least basic understanding of the mentioned precautions.

Best Regards,
The help you receive here is free.
If you wish, you may Donate to help keep us online.

#3 argel


    New Member

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Posted 26 March 2012 - 01:33 AM

im using a intel pentium 4 processor 3.20ghz,1gb of ram,256mb vid card,and a msi mother board. i think its already 3years old or older,and im using it for gaming and browsing. the fan is running,and all other hardware seems okay and running normally someone say i have a grounded mother board. its now working,im using a usb to ps2 adapter but sometimes its only working on BIOS and when the windows start,it stops working and im wondering whats happening.haha thanks.

#4 terry1966



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Posted 26 March 2012 - 02:43 AM

to get your usb keyboard working before windows loads up, you'll need to go into the bios and look for a setting for usb keyboards and enable it, your bios might not have such a setting tho, so there won't be a way to get it to work before windows loads and it's a good thing you have the usb to ps2 adapter. :D in my opinion your getting the F1 prompt because of a boot error, and you need to fix it in bios to stop the need to always press F1 to continue. it'll tell you what the error is on that screen. now to the problem of neither a usb or ps2 connected keyboard working once windows loads. does your mouse work ok when your in windows? does the keyboard work when you start windows in safe mode? to enter safe mode keep tapping the F8 key when you start your pc and you should get a menu screen with the option to boot into safe mode, choose that option and then see if the keyboard works. i read somewhere that a sticky key can cause the problems your experiencing with the keyboard not working once windows loads, so do you have another keyboard you can also try? and if so does it work as normal when you boot into windows? :popcorn:

Edited by terry1966, 26 March 2012 - 02:53 AM.

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