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Really Bad Ie 7 Problems

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3 replies to this topic

#1 tmor1977


    New Member

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Posted 24 May 2007 - 07:38 AM

IE 7 will not even open now, i have tried reinstalling it but that always fails... and even when i do connect the drop down menus act all crazy, what happens is say i pick internet options it just flashes real quick to the left and doesnt open... i also can not access my internet options thru the control panel, just flashes real quick to the left... i know its not my connection because i can run FF, which is what i am doing right now... i have had several problems for the last month, usually to even get the IE to load i have to run system restore atleast once a day... i have CA AV and Firewall protection, i have run scans and came up clean... i am about to smash my computer... BTW there are 2 other computers in my house and no one else is having this problem so its not the connection....


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#2 Doug


    Retired Administrator -Tech Team

  • Tech Team
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Posted 24 May 2007 - 09:04 AM

Internet Explorer 7.0 is particular about the elements of XP SP2 installed in C:\windows\System32
If the operating system (XP SP2) contains errors of missing or corrupted files in System32, IE 7.0 will fail.

Since you have performed "system restore" several times, your XP SP2 has possibly reverted to files in System32 that are appropriate for IE 6.0 and will not support IE 7.0

Take the following steps (in order)

*. Uninstall IE 7.0
1. Click Start, click Run, type appwiz.cpl in the Open box, and then click OK.
2. In the Currently Installed Programs list, click Internet Explorer 7, and then click Remove.

(Please inform us if IE 7.0 does not appear in the "Currently installed Programs" list

*Run your Disk Cleanup
1. Start - Run - (type)cleanmgr - enter
2. Select - C:\ - press - OK
3. Select the following items to be cleaned (and NOT any of the other items)
--Downloaded Program Files
--Temporary Internet Files
--Recycle Bin
--Temporary Files

After Disk Cleaner has completed, Reboot your machine

*Run Disk Error Checking - CHECKDISK
1. Start - Run - (type)chkdsk /f /r - Enter <-- notice the required space before "/f" and "/r"
You will receive a warning that CHECKDISK cannot be run due to inability to lock files or files in use.
You will be invited to allow CHECKDISK to run next time you reboot your machine.
Allow this to be scheduled by typing "Y" and pressing Enter.
Reboot your machine.

CHECKDISK will open during the boot-up cycle, before opening Windows
It will run a series of 5 scans.
CHECKDISK does not create a log, but if you follow along with the Scan, it alerts when it finds a "bad-cluster" and announces that it is moving the file contents to a safe known-good location on the Hard Drive disk surface.
CHECKDISK scans take between 30 - 40 minutes depending upon the size of your Hard Drive.
Note: CHECKDISK should be run multiple times if it does detect any "bad-sectors".
Please Run CHECKDISK a second and even third time until no errors/bad-sectors are identified.

* Run Windows File Protection System File Checker
Start - Run - (type)sfc /scannow - Enter

A block DOS type box will open briefly and then disappear before you can read its contents. That's OK.
Then the Windows File Protection progress bar will display to track progress as SFC scans.
If SFC identifies any missing or corrupted operating system files, it will alert you to insert your XP installation CD.
SFC will then copy a known good version of the missing/corrupted file from the CD and into the correct location in files.
SFC scans take about 20 to 30 minutes.
One full scan should be sufficient.
If SFC terminates within 2 or 3 minutes, then it did not complete its scan.
Please alert us to the fact, if this happens.

Please let us know if you do not have XP installation CD, as we will have to describe additional steps for a workaround.

Reboot your machine after SFC completes.


At this point in your Repair, IE 6.0 is your MS native Browser.

Please log onto the Internet and try out your Internet Explorer 6.0 Browser.
You should be able to browse with no problems.
If IE 6.0 fails, or if you continue to receive "error messages" similar to the ones you earlier reported, then Repair IE 6.0

* Internet Explorer 6.x Repair for Windows XP

* From the Start menu, select Search, select All Files and Folders.
* Select More Advanced Options and place a checkmark beside Search Hidden Files and Folders option.
* Ensure that Search System Folders and Search Subfolders are also checked.
* In the All or Part of the File Name box, type ie.inf
* In the Look In drop-down menu, select C: or the letter of the hard drive that contains the Windows folder.
* Click the Search button.
* In the search results pane, find the ie.inf file located in Windows\Inf folder.
* Right click the ie.inf file and click Install on the context menu.
* Reboot the computer when the file copy process is complete.

Again, try to Browse, using Internet Explorer

In your next reply, let us know how Internet Explorer 6.0 is functioning for you.
Please report on the function of IE 6.0 before taking any steps to re-install IE 7.0

Best Regards
The help you receive here is free.
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#3 tmor1977


    New Member

  • New Member
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  • 3 posts

Posted 24 May 2007 - 11:04 AM

thank you so much , it worked... 6.0 is running normally and i can now access my internet options either thru the drop down or thru control panel... now i have not downloaded IE 7.o yet, should i not bother? i just dont want to have problems again... thank you so much again....

#4 Doug


    Retired Administrator -Tech Team

  • Tech Team
  • 10,057 posts

Posted 24 May 2007 - 11:09 AM

While there are many happy users of IE 7.0, the forums remain stuffed with folks having difficulty with it. I have not adopted IE 7.0 for my own machines yet, and continue using IE 6.0 which is still supported by MS patches and critical updates. I plan to continue with IE 6.0 for the foreseeable future. It's up to you, but I can't think of any really good reasons to upgrade at this time. Especially since you have FireFox. I highly recommend that you do most of your online work via FireFox. IE 6.0 will serve you for MS Updates and certain sites that require IE's activeX components. Glad you got it sorted out.
The help you receive here is free.
If you wish, you may Donate to help keep us online.

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