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Zombie problems with movement and pointer. Totally accting up; gotta

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#1 denno


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Posted 23 December 2019 - 04:10 PM

Greetings on the hardware side.  This is getting curiosity and not a suggestion in the Windows forum, so I'm moving it here.
(I may be supposed to remove it or close it in the Windows Forum. Wouldn't know how.  Some admin maybe fix that if necessary?  Thanks.
At this point it is my own curiosity.  I believe I will have to get another computer, unless it is perhaps the motherboard and somehow a new one is something I can put in.  Doubt that!


Meanwhile, I am restoring my files from a cranky iDrive, and figure to live with the VERY annoying computer until I can spring for a new one.Been using a long series of Dells for years and years.  Always wondering if anyone might suggest a better machine.....hang in there longer....does not require proprietary batteries....like that.


Here's the Problem.



Posted 18 December 2019 - 07:15 PM

Back again!  Same ol' same ol'.

Dunno if this is hardware or software.

Dell laptop, win 10.


Has had two big misbehaviors.


1) This was previously misleading, but I can now describe it as being as though I keep moving the pointer to the lower left of the screen and clicking maniacally.  Happens to be where the search button is, so that window keeps popping up.  I have then to click outside that box, and back into my Free Cell game, or my business letter, or my website navigation.  It comes and goes.  but sometimes it comes for minutes at 3x a second, and I just have to sit it out.


There's a previous thread on that problem, which I will add in a "reply," as I am rewriting this post 'cause I went looking for the address of the thread!


Eventually the advice was to do a reinstall of Windows, saving my files version.  No fix.
Today, after much preparation, I did a clean install.  Folks, before I could reinstall a single program and get back to functioning, the fibrillating cursor was back with me.

I then tried yanking the dongle (had to use pliers, it's been in there so long) and uninstalling the mouse entirely.  Worked the same with the touchpad.  Tried to uninstall that, but it told me I had to reboot to complete removal, and when it rebooted the touchpad was back.


Hold that thought.

Problem #2.  Also a thread on that.
All visual stuff---the movement of the pointer across the screen, the video (but not the corresponding audio) of any video, the appearance on the page of letters as I type---hang up momentarily, then continue.  

That problem went away for awhile, but reappeared yesterday.



During these problems and advice on the forum, we tried a few things.  Eventually I did a keep-your-documents install of win 10.  No fix.  Today, after much prep-idation, I did a clean install.  Before I could download and install Firefox and Thunderbird, the pointer-and-popup was back with me.


So it has to be the computer, right?

Hardware?  Motherboard software?  The graphics whatsit?  

Any ideas?  Should this go over to the hardware forum?

If this can be fixed online or in the shop, well and good.  A new computer will stop all the aggravation, but when is that in the budget?  So ideas and experience are welcome.









The pointer problem.




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#2 Tomk


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Posted 30 December 2019 - 12:30 AM

Unfortunately... it doesn't appear that anyone has come up with any advice since July.


I'm not sure you are going to get any more advice... but. like you, I would be interested in finding out what happened.

Microsoft MVP 2010-2014

#3 denno


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Posted 16 January 2020 - 10:44 PM

Yeah---been looked at a bunch of times and not a suggestion.  Gotta ditch the computer.  I am currently living with the aggravation and hoping the machine does not die completely before I can buy a new one.

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