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Trouble staying connected with wireless router

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#1 stevie d

stevie d

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Posted 04 February 2010 - 11:34 PM

I have always had a lot of issues staying connected to the internet using my wireless router. Whenever I go to get online I almost always have to repair the connection first and it always says low or limited connectivity. I am always being dropped from the internet at random times and sometimes it won't allow me to connect at all. The computer that the router is hooked up to (doesn't get signal wireless) never has any problems and is always connected. My isp is cable from Comcast and the wireless router I am using is a Netgear CG814WG v2. Both of the computers being used are PC's. The primary computer (the one that is directly connected to the cable and not receiving signal from router) is located in an "in-law" unit in the backyard and the other computer is inside the main house approximately 20-40 feet away. When Comcast came out to hook everything up the tech said that there shouldn't be any problems and that the signal would be strong enough even though it showed low connectivity. I have called Comcast a number of times and had to troubleshoot to fix the problems (having to disconnect and re-connect while entering the web key). I am just very frustrated with this problem and don't know anything about wireless routers or how they work. Could a different wireless router possibly fix it. Comcast told me that a different router wouldn't make a difference. If anyone has any suggestions on what the problems might be or how to fix them I would be greatly appreciative to listen. Info: Cable through Comcast Wireless router: Netgear CG814WG v2 Both computers are Dell PC's using Windows XP


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#2 paws


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Posted 05 February 2010 - 04:12 AM

Hi, Sorry to hear of the problem with your Internet via wireless.....
It sounds as though the wireless signal from the router to the computer is being attenuated by the distance involved and the presence of intermediate objects such as the walls of the houses involved (including any internal walls or physical barriers between the router and the computer)

Wireless signals are reduced in strength by distance and such objects, sometimes to such a level that the Internet Connection cannot be retained.......your signal strength should be shown and it should be good or excellent...if it shows as moderate or poor then the problem has been highlighted.

Dect phones, microwave devices, ovens etc, work on frequencies close to the WI FI frequencies and can also cause interference, so perhaps some repositioning of equipment may help?
Here's some other suggestions for your consideration.

1 Reposition Router to give clear and unobstructed line of sight, with minimal physical barriers twixt router antenna and computer receiveing attenna
2 Change to a different channel on your router/computer see if this improves things
3 Change position and/or usage of Dect phones, baby alarms, microwaves (anything operating on similar frequencies to WiFi)
4 Use an external attenna on your router rather than the built in one (if your model supports this)
5 Use an external wireless antenna,(cabled to your computer) that has "line of sight" to your router
If none of these steps help then its time to move the goalposts.....
6 Consider running a cable (Cat 5) between the two properties (its a cheap solution just a pound or two or a dollar or three
7 If the two buildings are on on a common mains electric supply supplied via the same electric meter then a mains electric network using the existing electric cables built into the property are well worth considering. In my location 2 "plug in units" are available (one by the router the other by the computer, for less than 30 (GBP) about $40 (USD)

8 Lastly if you had a competent technician fit your network and paid her/him the appropriate professional level fees for a "proper" job then they should have checked for signal strength and attenuation....... so check that nothing has changed since the installation was completed....and then it might be worth going back to them asking for the whole job and specifications to be peer reviewed at their works and remedial plans implemented....... its worth a try!
Good luck and post back if you have any further questions
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