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Need to recover Facebook password

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#1 Guyl


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Posted 09 December 2017 - 12:47 PM

I know this is a screwball one so I hope I'm in the right section.  Please bear with me while I give you the background so you don't think that I'm up to no good. 


My cousin/business partner gave me his Facebook password about a year ago because I don't do Facebook but our business has an account and some sort of account where we get Google reviews and he wanted me to go in and look at them on occasion using his Facebook password because I wouldn't set one up.  All has been good for the last year or so, I would just type f-a-c-e-b-o and then Firefox would automatically load his Facebook page.  After a while I started following a friend of his who is an acquaintinance of mine also.  Since they are friends I could see his timeline also. 


About 2 weeks ago I did something that as soon as I did it I thought "Oh carp**, I've erased his password".  Sure enough I did.  So what I'm trying to do is get his password back if I can.  I'm not trying to steal it or hack it because I already had it.  I'm trying to get my laptop back to the point it was at before I overwrote the password and locked me out.  I'm running the latest version of Firefox on Windows 10.  Since the overwrite I have downloaded the latest version of Firefox and I also went in and set up a Facebook account.  That gets me into the business side but not able to look at my friend's timeline because I'm not friends with him but my cousin is and that's why I'm trying to get his back.  I tried to restore Windows to an earlier point but the rollback feature was not turned on. 


I don't want to ask my cousin for his password again because he knows I set up my own Facebook account and will wonder why I now want his password and I don't want to tell him why.  It will take way too long to explain why I want to follow my friend but don't want to be his friend on Facebook.


So I hope you can show me how to get my laptop back to the point it was before I screwed up the password and when I get there the password will be recovered.  By the way, I also looked in my saved passwords in Firefox but it's not there so I don't know how Firefox was defaulting to my cousin's page to begin with.




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#2 Digerati


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Posted 09 December 2017 - 01:38 PM

The problem is, because this site, like most forums, run on the anonymity of its members, we have no way of verifying who you really are or if anything you said above is true - even if we wanted to believe it. For this reason, you agreed to abide by the Terms of Use when you joined this site. Note it clearly states,

Due to the nature of online help we are not able to verify ownership, and will not be able to help bypass or recover any user passwords, cd keys, license codes, serial numbers, etc.

This is not just to protect the true owners of the accounts (and computers), but us as helpers too. For all we know, your cousin realized what you were doing and changed his password. Or maybe just by coincidence, he decided to change his password for some other reason just when you accidentally deleted it.
Either way, we do not help folks with lost passwords. Sorry.


Frankly, what you are trying to do is a bit sneaky, perhaps devious, if not creepy too. If you want to follow someone, I suggest you be on the up and up about it. Follow him via your own Facebook account, or contact your cousin and explain what happened. If he is not opposed to what you want to do, he can give you the password again - and with the full knowledge you have it.


Thanks you for your understanding.


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