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Instructions on how to -and- censorship in Lavasoft forums about: If y

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#1 mrpetewhatthetech


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Posted 24 January 2009 - 07:04 PM

Instructions on how to -and- censorship in Lavasoft forums about: If you uninstall AAW AE, how to revert back to AAW (not

First off ... the one central nugget to the downgrade procedure is to reinstall AAW while your internet connection is down.

OK ... lets begin ...

I posted the information below to the Lavasoft forums and the thread was deleted. I'm posting here in order to try to "route around the censorship" in that forum.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware has been useful to me for many years. The current upgrade is Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition / AAW AE / AAW8 which became available on the 20th of January. I find that on one of my Windows 2000 machines that it does not work well. When the main program is started it immediately consumes 80% of the cycles of a 1.6 GHz CPU before it is asked to do anything. No scan is going on - the Ad-Watch globe in the system tray is not spinning - etc. It appears that AAW8 is not compatible with Spybot S&D Tea Timer (that info from a Lavasoft board mod).

Uninstalling AAW8 and going back to Ad-Aware 2008 (AAW7) fixes the problem for me. I gave specific instructions in the Lavasoft forum on how to perform the downgrade. The post was previously here:


It has been deleted. This is clearly censorship. They do not want people to know that there is another option.

I would have hoped that something would have been learned by the recent censorship that Seagate imposed on it's users in the Seagate forum in the past two weeks during the 720.11 troubles. (net search for ... seagate censor OR censorship "7200.11" ... and see what you find)

[[Edit: The original post is labeled as that and is shown somewhat below this. The next 15 lines have been moved from the bottom of this post to directly below this line. Additional: use only known good sources for software downloads.]]

Some sources for Ad-Aware 2008 are:

downloads.zdnet.com / zdnet.com.au / downloads.zdnet.co.uk

Don't get it from P2P.

The first five sources above are the first five sources returned in a Google search for "Ad-Aware 2008"

---------- Original post start ----------

Title: If you uninstall AAW AE ... how to revert back to AAW (not

Subtitle: This stops the AAW AE upgrade pop-up.

Why install an old version? For me on Windows 2000, Ad-Aware AE does not work well at all (see my other post, search for Win2K). So I went back ...

The problem is that a few days before AAW AE (AAW8) was released the folks at Lavasoft released an update to AAW 2008 (AAW7). AAW7 went from to

I strongly suspect that the sole change involved with was a garish "pop-up" splash screen that asks the proverbial question "Are You Going To UPGRADE TO AAW AE TODAY??? Or Are You Going To Wait Until Tomorrow (or God forbid some later day)???"

It's rather obnoxious.

Now, version will still ask if you want to update your software, but in a much nicer way.


How to go back to version specifically

In a nutshell ... just make sure that when you install AAW that you are not connected to the internet. More details follow, but that's the important point.

Here's the details ...

Uninstall AAW8. You might also want to uninstall the copy of VC++ runtime 9 that was installed with it.

If you have installed then uninstall that version.

First, I recommend keeping a copy of any software you install. If you've done that then you already have your copy of AAW ready to be installed (EXE = aaw2008.exe).

If not then do a net search for "Ad-Aware 2008" . As of Jan 2009 there are plenty of websites that have it available for download. There is probably some way to get it from the Lavasoft website but as you search for it there they naturally will push you towards a trial version of AAW8 Pro. Totally understandable ... they need to convert as many folks as possible into paying customers.

The copy of aaw2008.exe that I got on December 4th, 2008 has an MD5 of b91a4536c67c24db4b87b007e4ebe730. If you don't know what that is don't worry about it.

During the installation OF AAW7 it will search the Lavasoft mother ship for software updates. This is what you want to avoid in order to stay at version and not go to (or later).

Disconnect your internet connection or set your firewall to allow no traffic to pass.

Install (run aaw2008.exe). It will attempt to connect to the Lavasoft mother ship and will time out. The install will complete.

Now reconnect to the internet or set your firewall to allow traffic to pass.

You might want to exit and then restart AAW7 at this point. I'm don't think that that is necessary, but maybe ...

Set the settings (Settings radio button on left) to whatever your prefs are. Back in the main window (Status radio button on left) click the Update button. Any definitions updates that are available will come down. It will display a non-obnoxious window that says "There are new software updates available! Would you like to go to the download location?" CLICK NO. If you click yes you will be upgraded to (or maybe even AAW8, who knows).

You're done for now. Scan your machine.

Each time you update your definitions it will ask you about software updates. You need to click NO each time. KEEP IN MIND THAT, SOONER OR LATER, AAW WILL NO LONGER BE SUPPORTED.

Keep aaw2008.exe somewhere so you can revert back to it if necessary.

---------- Original post end ----------

Edited by mrpetewhatthetech, 25 January 2009 - 02:52 PM.


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#2 Atribune


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Posted 25 January 2009 - 12:10 PM

I found your post, one of our volunteer moderators hid it because he felt your recommendations were somewhat unsafe. In particular the parts about the ignoring the md5 hash and just googling and downloading from wherever without even mentioning a virus scan of the file. I'll unhide it. Edit: FYI I am a Lavasoft employee

#3 mrpetewhatthetech


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Posted 25 January 2009 - 03:00 PM

I believe that your criticism about 'If you don't know what that is [MD5] don't worry' is 100% correct. On the other hand I wanted the post to be seen as originally posted - not as I would have wished to have posted it. I have moved the mirror sites up above the original post (by edit).

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