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Can't retrieve any files from the Temp folders.

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#31 paws


    Tech Team

  • Administrator
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 10:07 AM

Hi I understand, The repair install takes about 40 minsbut lets hope Doug is around soon and can provide extra help Regards paws
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#32 Doug


    Retired Administrator -Tech Team

  • Tech Team
  • 10,057 posts

Posted 09 August 2008 - 12:06 PM

Hi Crimea,

The "simple" method for displaying thumbnails is as follows:
(please forgive me if you have already tried this)

  • Open an instance of Windows Explorer (My Computer)
  • Select the "View" command icon in the command bar at the top.
  • From the pull-down menu "click" on "Thumbnails"

Note: I generally have my Windows Explorer set to "details" since I don't usually want to view thumbnails and I prefer the greater information about the various files available via "details". Yours may be presently set at "icons" or "list", or "details" depending upon your preference. Changing it to "thumbnails" will display files that are image file types and will display icons and file name for other common file types.

Note: It may be more visually confirming for you to perform the above with Windows Explorer navigated to a folder in which you know for sure that there are some image files. When you make the above change, Windows Explorer will display graphic files as thumbnails which you should be able to see.


While still in Windows Explorer and still with the same folder (with Thumbnails selected and displaying)

Click on "Tools" - Folder Options - View(tab)
Click on "Apply to All Folders" (button)
Click on "OK" to exit the Tools Menu

Please let us know if this simple instruction provides you with the desired effect.

If not, you may need to register a .dll file that should already exist on your machine, but may not be registered.

Start -Run - (type)regsvr32 shimgvw.dll - press ok
You should receive an alert that the registration was successful.

Does this clear up your problem?

If not, please give us a brief overview of your present situation and a list of things you've tried that either helped or didn't help.

Best Regards,
The help you receive here is free.
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#33 Crimea


    Authentic Member

  • Authentic Member
  • PipPip
  • 71 posts

Posted 09 August 2008 - 05:31 PM

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the advice. I understand the usefulness of the various ways of displaying files and, like you, normally display them in the “Details” format.

I was under the impression (post #24) you knew of a way I could force Windows to show the graphics/images when they aren’t displayed, even when they should be when you view the files in the “Thumbnails” format.

I created a shortcut to the TIF, but when the files within it are displayed, the “Thumbnails” are only icons of each file type, not the images themselves. I guess this only happens with the TIF folder or when you view it via a shortcut and not through Disk cleanup for (C:), or not; I don’t know. The only way I have of viewing them and retrieving them, once I’ve found the ones I want, is via Disk cleanup for (C:), which, I now realise, is a pretty laborious method, when a shortcut to them is far simpler, or using your Paint Shop Pro method, which I haven’t yet tried.

The program I suggested in my link, is not, after a closer inspection, the kind of program I want: it would replace the icons in the “icons” view with, basically, a mini thumbnail. I want to keep the “icons” option alongside the other file options.

Selecting “Apply to All Folders” would, naturally, change all my ‘file display’ selections in every folder to “Thumbnails”, but this won’t affect whether the graphics/images of the files are displayed. The TIF files will still only be represented by their icons. If this method could reveal the TIF file images, I would consider it, but only if I could return all the folders to their previous state immediately afterwards. The only other option, though, is “Reset All Folders”, which would change every file in every folder back to its Windows default view.

Anyway, the basic problem I have – the reason behind my first post – would still remain: that the TIF folder has become part of the protected Operating System files and I don't know why. If I want to look through the TIF files, via Disk cleanup for (C:), I have to make the Operating System files visible to make the TIF folders visible. I'd like to return them to their unprotected status, the status they must have for everyone else. Having to uncheck Hide protected operating system files, in order to view the files and check it to re-hide the files is a pain and wasn’t previously necessary.

I don’t know what has caused this change in the nature of the TIF folder. Whatever it is doesn’t seem to have affected anything else.

I’ve spent most of the time here, unfortunately, getting side-tracked and confusing myself as to what the problem really is, which I regret.

#34 Doug


    Retired Administrator -Tech Team

  • Tech Team
  • 10,057 posts

Posted 09 August 2008 - 10:36 PM

I believe that "hidden operating system file" is the correct default for the xxx\Temporary Internet Files\content.ie5\alphamet

I've never given it any thought, but have just now "walked it through" on a couple of XP machines here and that is the condition.

I believe that you will be happy with Print Shop Pro 5.0 and hope that you consider it.
You can also try Irfranview (free)
I just happen to have experience with and preference for PSP 5.0.

Probably better and more reliable would be the recommendations given to you by Paws and others to right-click on images that capture your interest, using "Save image as" option.

Please remember that much of what is available on the Internet.... "belongs to someone" .. and therefore copyright law comes into play.
Copyright allows for "fair use", which you should learn about as it applies to your own use of images.

There is an optional utility TWEAKUI. (you can change the image size and richness of color in thumbnails)
There is a basic discussion of your issue and link to TWEAKUI, here:

Best Regards
The help you receive here is free.
If you wish, you may Donate to help keep us online.

#35 Crimea


    Authentic Member

  • Authentic Member
  • PipPip
  • 71 posts

Posted 11 August 2008 - 11:07 AM


I'll try the Paint Shop Pro 5.0 method in future.

It's strange that for years the TIF has been "unprotected", even with a legal XP installation and every update, but now it's in its "normal" state.

Anyway, thanks for all your help and for the help from everyone else.

This can finally be put to rest.

24th August:
I don't need any further help on this topic so am happy for the thread to be formally closed, if that is what is required.

I wish to post another unrelated query in another post, but thought I should make sure I don't break the rules by having two open threads.

Edited by Crimea, 24 August 2008 - 02:40 PM.

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